BIPV Tecnology - Building Integrated Photovoltaics

BIPV technology, a great opportunity

In order to protect the Earth, governments worldwide are increasing efforts to reduce harmful emissions by stimulating and subsidising the use of renewable energy sources. Europe especially is taking serious measures, thus creating massive opportunities for investors and companies to incorporate state-of-the-art solar technology into their energy systems.

While fossil fuels are being exhausted at an alarming pace, global energy consumption continues to increase. The solution, however, has always been around. We only need to connect our grid to the sun.

Europe has committed to severely reduce CO2 emission with a 20% target of renewable energy by 2020. Supported by extensive research programs, cutting edge technology and industry commitment, the mass usage of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy seems no longer a pipe dream.

Today, many governments worldwide have an extended offer of subsidies to compensate the investment the implementation of BIPV technology requires. Since each region has its specific regulations and subsidiary systems, Sapa Building System consultants can and will research the best opportunities for each particular project.

Current share of renewable energy out of total energy consumption vs. target share

The targets for the share of renewable energy by 2020 are often twice as big as actual situation in the European country.

The global energy mix: the exemplary path until 2050/2100

Src:Proposal for Directive for Promotion of Renewable energy in EU, Annex I

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