PV Module integration

Sapa solar photovoltaic cells

The construction of the modules is adapted according to its integration in the building.

Sapa Solar's BIPV solutions provide architects and constructors with custom made systems and components that generate a considerable added value to each passive building project.

PVB-technology (Poly-Vinyl-Butyral)

For all glass/glass PV modules, Sapa Solar uses the certified and glass industry-approved PVB technology. This laminated safety glass offers both architects and building constructors many additional possibilities and advantages regarding safety and performance.

  • High tensile strength and load carrying capacity
  • The PVB-film in between the glass layers ensures the integrity of broken units
  • Extensive life cycle
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Different module layers

Panel size and characteristics

Sapa Solar tailor-made modules can be manufactured in almost any size with a maximum of 2.4 m length x 5.1 m height


Triple glazing provides improved thermal insulation performance.

Different BIPV possibilities

Different BIPV possibilities

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