PV technology

Photovoltaics, a promising solution

With over 40% of worldwide electricity usage, buildings can be considered as the largest consumers of energy. Therefore architects, consultants, developers, maincontractors and investors are increasingly opting for renewable energy produced in this environmentally responsible way as we aim towards passive energy buildings. Photovoltaic technology is a promising solution transforming solar radiation into electricity connected to the grid for mass usage.

While fossil fuels are being exhausted at an alarming pace, global energy consumption continues to increase. The solution, however, has always been around. We only need to connect our grid to the sun.

With PV modules, buildings gain considerable added value, which makes every investment in this technology worthwhile. They also upgrade the value of renovation projects for existing buildings.

The global energy mix: the exemplary path until 2050/2100

The exemplary path by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) estimates a major reduction in the use of fossil energy by the year 2100 and a substantial development and expansion of new renewable energy sources, notably solar.

The global energy mix: the exemplary path until 2050/2100

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