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PV modules

Sapa Solar PV modules: single cells are connected to form a photovoltaic module.

Tailor-made solutions

Sapa Solar's solutions are all tailor-made to fit specific project requirements.

Opaque panels

Incorporation of opaque, crystalline high performance sun panels in the facade allows coverage of the building structure and concrete walls. Insulation behind the opaque panels ensures the necessary thermal barrier. Both see-through and opaque panels can be combined in the same facade.

See-through panels

Transparent crystalline photovoltaic panels, in combination with Sapa’s aluminium profiles, can easily be integrated in facades and roofs. See-through panels are available in a large range of applications, dimensions, shapes, colours and transparency. The photovoltaic cells are embedded between two glass sheets. The panels can also be thermally insulated, laminated and tempered for security reasons. By adjusting the distance between cells, it is possible to regulate the light transmittance and the shade effect inside the building.

Thin-film technology

Thin-film modules are recommended for applications in dim light and indirect sunlight. The thin-film panel exists as both opaque and see-through.

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