The Solar Promise - SAPA SOLAR - BIPV

The challenge for a new age.

While fossil fuels are being exhausted at an alarming pace, global energy consumption continues to increase. The solution, however, has always been around. We only need to connect our grid to the sun.

At a first glance, reserves of traditional prime energy sources appear comfortably large compared to global annual consumption.

Overestimating these reserves would be a mistake. According to recent figures, mankind will only last

  • 3 years on uranium (nuclear energy)
  • 20 years on gas
  • 30 years on oil
  • 60 years on coal

The reason is quite obvious: while fossil fuels are getting exhausted at an alarming pace, global energy consumption keeps increasing.

Taking climate and geopolitical issues into account, it is imperative that we shift the thinking pattern and focus on renewable energy that doesn't put our planet at risk.

Annual energy demand vs. available global energy

The solar energy that is currently available exceeds the annual energy demand by 400 times. The potential for solar energy exceeds the demand by 10,000 times.

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